Speculator SUP

Individual and  small group paddleboard lessons

At Speculator SUP, I am convinced that everyone can learn to paddleboard and have fun while doing so. Your physical abilities and mental wellbeing are always considered. My lessons are geared toward the individual paddler, with personalized instructions offered. Physical safety on the water and awareness of our environment are covered with tips and techniques to maximize your enjoyment on the water. I am a certified SUP instructor, and am fully insured. 

The general flow of lessons is as follows:

I recommend you book your paddle in advance, but last minute lessons are always considered. Text me for a quick response.

I wanted to paddle board and I know good instruction when learning any sport, really helps develop sound technique for long term enjoyment. I took a lesson from Sandy and am so grateful I did. Sandy is a certified instructor. She’s safety conscious, thorough, very knowledgeable and her passion for the sport is evident in the customization and tips she provides when instructing you. Her goal is for you to truly enjoy paddling and continue with it, to reap its many benefits. I highly recommend the experience of learning to paddle board with Sandy. 

Jeanne X. 

Sandra Orioles is wonderful.  She is very passionate about paddle boarding and that is what makes her such a master at her instruction.  She explained the mechanics of the paddle board and what to expect throughout the entire lesson.  Safety was a priority throughout our time together.  Sandra modeled each expectation so I knew what to do.  She was calm and patient which helped me to be able to complete each portion of the lesson successfully.  I learned so much from Sandra during this lesson.  I am grateful for her help.  She is such a great instructor.  

Deirdre R.

Lessons available from: 7am–6pm, Monday through Saturday

Phone: 631-275-1624

Email: speculatorSUP@gmail.com